Welcome to Gloo.top Link Shortener, Text Storage and much more!

Gloo.top is a free Link/URL Shortener, text/paste storage solution, video locker and much more that offers multiple ways to earn money. Converts your long links to much shorter ones, use Gloo.top as a paste website. Each time someone visits your links, you earn money for your own ad codes that you can submit in the Dashboard! Also, are you a YouTuber? Use our Video Locker to gain ad income and watch time on your videos simultaneously! The concept of URL Shorteners or paste websites as income earning opportunities is nothing new. But, Gloo.top, in that respect is something unique. Let me explain.

What makes Gloo.top unique and the best way to make money?

Most Link Shorteners and Paste/Text storage websites that pay, only pay you a part of their earnings. Gloo.top is different. We do not use the interstitial page or ad page (the one where you see 'Skip Ad' or 'Continue to website') on the Shortener to show just our ads. Instead, we let you show your own ads on your short links and pastes!

This simply means, you get control over what ads to show on your short links' and pastes' interstitial pages. We do support all kinds of ads including banner, popup/popunder, push notifications, etc. So, you could insert your own popunder or banner ad code from your favourite Ad network(s), eg.- Mondiad, Popcash, EZmob, Clickadilla, etc. So, each time, someone visits your short link or paste, they would see your ads. What does this mean? This simply means, you earn 100% of the money for impressions and clicks on your ads.

This translates to more earnings for our members, as we don't take a cut of the earnings you make on your Ad Network(s). And, the best part is, Gloo.top is completely free! But, please understand that, we do have to pay for hosting and maintenance. Thus, some ads on the interstitial pages will be ours and the rest yours. The popup/popunder code or any ad code under <head> is strictly yours, when set. To get a better idea, check this image to understand which parts of the interstitial page will have your ads versus our ads!

Want more features? We got Premium for free!

We also offer a Premium subscription which comes with tons of features including Custom Design, Ad rotator, Custom short code, Video locker, API, and much more. And the best part is, you could get Premium for free. Get started right now by signing up and checking our Free Premium section on your dashboard.